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Terms of Use


Before subscribing to the use of the Allorank tool, read carefully these general sales conditions concluded between you and the W3B company.


 You will find enclosed the meaning of some redundant words in this document.

  • Tool : The Allorank tracking service positioning
  • Internet : Allorank site visitors
  • Users : Internet users who use Allorank in free version.
  • Clients : Allorank Users paid version.
  • PacksPacks Allorank Offers made of​​ credits.
  • Credits : Allorank Consumables to monitor your SEO.

Section 1: Introduction

Allorank is a solution produced by the W3B company. The W3B company is a LLC (limited liability company) with a capital of € 4000, registered at the Roman RSC under the number B 505 307 736. The headquarters are located at 28 rue Paul Henri Spaak, 26000 Valence. Here is the VAT number: FR42505307736 and the Siret number: 50530773600023.

Article 2: Customer Service

The user and / or the Allorank client can join W3B by post to the following address: 28 rue Paul Henri Spaak, 26000 Valence. By email:
The managing editor is Mr. Anthony TECHER.

Article 3: Purpose

The general sales conditions aim at defining the provision terms of the tool with users and / or clients as.
Users are considered as such when they subscribe to the free tool offer.
Customers are considered as such when they subscribe to the paid tool offer.
Any use of the tool implies acceptance and compliance with all terms of these general sales conditions (as for the free offer and for the pay offer). If the User and / or the Customer does not wish to accept all or part of these general sales conditions, it is prohibited to use the tool.

Article 4 : Tool

Allorank is a tool for tracking online positioning to beginners and professional SEOs.
The tool is available on the Internet address and is edited by the W3B LLC. All users and / or customers have an account to access the tool and secure it for their personal information (email address and password). The tool works on the principle of a system of credits valid for a period of one year paid in advance by customers.
Allorank promises no guarantee as to the accuracy, updating, or character line of the contents of any service or information arising from any search engine.

Article 5 : Conditions of use

To use Allorank, an Internet connection is required. The User and / or Client agrees to have an Internet connection to use the tool in the best conditions.
The tool is not optimized for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (all versions). Allorank can’t guarantee the proper tool functioning on a version of this browser. Any claim, lawsuit and request for refund will not be considered.
The tool is functional on the following web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox in their updated versions after 1 January 2009.
The optimal screen resolution for the use of the Service is 1024X768 pixels and the recommended resolution of 1280X1024 pixels.
The tool is available online on the internet address
Allorank disclaims any liability for any failure or disfunction of the tool due primarily or in part, to a faulty or improper connection of the internet connection of the User and / or Client.
The User and / or the Customer acknowledges that the use of the tool requires an automatic installation of one or more cookies on his computer station, whatever it may be. This /These cookie(s) are used to record information relating to the use of the tool.
It is strongly recommended to allow from the browser of the user and / or client, the installation of cookies to ensure optimal performance of the tool. However, the User and / or Client is entitled to refuse it by being aware that the operation of the tool would be less efficient.
The User and / or the Customer agrees  not to access to other data by other means than through the interface provided by the personal tool, unless the User and / or Client has been explicitly authorized by Allorank under a separate written agreement.

Article 6 : Registration

To benefit from the tool, the User and / or Customer must subscribe online to access it.
As soon as the acceptance of an offer of the tool, as free or paid, the user becomes the User and / or Client. "By checking this box I agree to the general sales conditions", the User and / or Client have read, understood and accepted these general sales conditions, providing accurate, authentic, current and complete information.
He claims to be major under French law, to have the legal capacity to use the tool, and to accept unreservedly these conditions.
During a user and / or client registration, and throughout the period of execution of this Agreement, it is required to provide accurate information such as the identity, electronic and postal address.
Any false information is prohibited by law and is likely to engage the author responsibility. In the event that the User and / or Customer provides false, inaccurate, not current or incomplete data, W3B will be entitled to suspend or terminate the Contract and account and to refuse in the future, the access to all or part of the tool, in the manner provided in these general sales conditions.
To benefit from the tool, the user and / or the Customer must first be registered by completing the registration form available on-line tool (hereinafter referred to as "The Form" or "Form Registration ").
W3B is in no way responsible in relation to the users and / or customers and to the third parties: errors, negligence, omissions, imprecisions can be pointed out in the information provided by the User and / or Client.
The services delivered by W3B to users and / or customers, are only through electronic and digital means.
To receive W3B services , the User and / or Client must be equipped with internet access and email.
It is up to the User and / or Customer to take any action to consult the information sent by W3B including fulfilling the necessary pack for the receipt as well as to maintain their own equipement in good condition.
We invite users and / or customers to check their e-mail regularly: information about the tool and their services are sent to their email address filled in during the registration.

Article 7 : Responsibilities of the User and / or Client

Users and / or Clients are responsible for their own accounts, of their data and practice tool.
They are solely responsible for the access to search engines or research areas.

Article 8 : Account life

During the registration process, each user and / or the Customer may receive, at the email address mentioned by him in his registration, an email about the consideration of his registration. At this point, the tool will be available to the User and / or Client.
The e-mail address and password chosen by the user and / or the Customer during the registration provides access to the tool. These data are private and therefore confidential.
The User and / or Customer is solely responsible for any use which may be made to his own email address and password, and he’s solely responsible for his confidentiality, as well as any use of his account.
The User and / or Client undertakes to inform W3B immediately of any unauthorized use of his account, and any breach of confidentiality and security of the means of identification, by email at the following email address :
If Allorank has reasonable grounds to believe that the safety of the tool is broken, or that it is misused due to unauthorized means of identification of the user and / or use of the Customer, it may proceed with the temporary suspension of the account. This, in order to protect the entire tool and data, and if it seems appropriate, require the modification of the identification means. In the event that the User and / or Client would proceed to change its identification means, it is sufficient to go on and modify its settings under "My information" section from his account.
If the User and / or Customer made a mistake by disclosing through his fault his identification means and that they come to be in the hands of a third party, the User and / or Client will be solely responsible for the use of this identification means and for the use of the tool made accordingly.
Allorank will in no case be liable for any loss or damage resulting from non-compliance of the User and / or Client to the information which is set forth in this article.

Article 9: Free Offer

Any Internet user can subscribe to the free offer.
Allorank provides free, a free offer composed of 100 credits. This free pack is available so unlimited in time, until the consumption of 100 credits. Every month, this pack is automatically recharged of 100 new loans. No banking information is requested when subscribing to so-called "FREE" offer.
Following the consumption of these 100 free credits, the user is invited to subscribe to a pay-Pack offer. If he does not wish to pay, he will have to wait until the following month to receive an additional 100 credits.
The free offer can’t be combined. If you still have a number of credits at the end of a month's subscription, this number will be set to zero at the end of the month, in order to restart at the beginning with the 100 initial credits.
In case of subscribing, the user data will be migrated to these new offer pay packs.
The User commits to creating one account corresponding to his profile and it is forbidden to subscribe to several free Tool offers, Allorank reserves its right to restrict access to users and to remove without notice the accounts and data of the infringer, without prejudice to the possibility of an appeal to competent courts.

Article 10: Credit System

All offers of the tool are composed of credits. According to the tender selected, the user and / or client has a number of credits ranging from 100 to 320,000. The bigger the offer chosen by the user and / or client, the higher the price of decreasing credits.
A credit is a query. Whenever a user and / or client wants a refresh frequency of positioning on a keyword, one credit is debited on his account. Similarly, if a user and / or client wishes to benefit from features such as e-reputation, competitive intelligence and alerts, a query is equal to one credit. For example, you have chosen the Allorank alerts... When you are alerted by the tool, an alert will be equal to one credit.
To sum up, any action related to the development of your monitoring is a credit.

Article 11: Pay Offers

Any Internet user can subscribe to premium offers.
Allorank proposes pay offers composed of a multitude of credit. Offers are among six different packs ranging from 3500 to 360,000 credits. The customer chooses the offer according to its mode of consumption. This method of consumption is indicated as a guideline by the simulator on our offers page.
At the end of the credit consumption, the customer is invited to subscribe to one pay Pack new offer. If he doesn’t want to pay, he will wait until next month to take advantage of the free offer of 100 credits.

Article 12: Duration

The use of a pack is taken into consideration as soon as the registration is made by the User and / or Client. At the moment he chooses his pack and receives the email corresponding to the confirmation of his choice, the maturity starts.
In fact, tool users have one month to consume 100 credits. If credits are consumed before they have to wait until next month to benefit once again from 100 free credits.
For customers, the maturity is one year. A year is the time to consume the credits of the paying Pack selected. In the event that the credits are not consumed before that date, they will no longer be valid and therefore lost.
However, if all the credits are consumed before the deadline, you should reload the credits account by choosing a new pack. In any case, W3B can’t be held responsible for non-renewal of a paid pack.

Article 13: Price

W3B reserves the right to change the tool prices without any notice and notification.
The Customer who has previously subscribed to an offer, will be affected by this rate change during a new subscription, renewal or modification of its existing offer.
In consideration of the tool W3B granted by the Customer, the latter will have to pay the amount specified on the invoice.

Article 14: Payment

The payment can be done in several ways:
By Online with a national or international payment card, with a PayPal account, by secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transaction. The information provided is encrypted and we are not notified.

Article 15: Proof of registration and transaction

Data recorded by the payment system used and chosen by the Client (or any other bank) constitutes the proof of all financial transactions made on the tool line, the Client and said institution (or another organization).

Article 16: Data protection

The website has been declared to CNIL under the number ******
W3B LLC collects personal data on the registration of the User and / or Client.
Allorank promises not to disclose personal data of its users and / or its customers to third parties. The user and / or client is the only one to access to information (email, personal information, keywords or other data belonging). The data of the latter are exclusively reserved for its use, in the context of the use of the tool.
According to the law of Data protection of 6 January 1978, the User and / or the Customer has a right of access, modification or deletion of data about him. To exercise this right, the User and / or the Customer may contact Allorank at the following address:
After cessation of the User's account and / or the customer, the data is permanently deleted except that which allow W3B to justify the performance of its legal or contractual obligations. The data is kept for a limited period and not subject to any use during this time.

Article 17: Deleting an account

These general conditions of sale are applicable to any User and / or Client. If it turns out that they are not respected and which affect the tool and / or the company W3B, an account can be deleted.
Consequently, the User and / or Client could no longer benefit from the tool either for a determined period by W3B or for a permanently period. So for any damage against the tool and / or W3B, the opportunity to seize the competent courts will be required.

Article 18: Termination Tool

Allorank implements all the resources at its disposal and the appropriate methods to maintain availability of the tool.
Allorank or one of its operators can’t be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or server, or any other event beyond the reasonable control which prevents or will damage the tool.

Article 19: Limitation of Liability

The tool Allorank is made available to the User and / or Client without any guarantee of quality or use for a particular purpose.
In the event of the Allorank responsibility being engaged and following an error on their side, the compensation to which the Customer may claim can’t exceed the amount paid by him under the consumed Pack credits.
Allorank providing data without exploring these, the User and / or Customer is solely responsible for the use he makes of these data, particularly in his relations with third parties.

Users and / or Clients:

- will report to Allorank of any query which could accuse him ;
-ensure freedom to Allorank against any appeal which may be filed against him by third parties, compensating him, including costs that would have been forced to engage in his defense, as well as damages and provisions which it would be condemned.

Article 20: Intellectual Property

The tool is protected by W3B copyright which the company is the exclusive owner.
W3B holds the title of the tool, the accompanying documentation, and all other media, as well as all intellectual property rights relating to the tool and to the documents and other materials.
Therefore, any total or partial reproduction or representation of the tool by any means whatsoever, without the express permission of W3B is prohibited and would be punishable by articles L 335-2 and according to the Code of counterfeiting intellectual property.

Article 21: Cancellation policy

In this paragraph based on the Consumer Code, you will find articles relating thereto. According to these articles, consumers have a cooling off period for the sale because it’s concluded at a distance.
It is mentioned that a consumer is a natural person operating for the satisfaction of his personal needs, unrelated to his business. A legal or juridical person who would act for professional purposes and who subscribes to a pack would not have the ability to withdraw. It is also mentioned that W3B and the Customer have not agreed to any waiver and that the use of the tool by the consumer during the withdrawal period is effectively waived. The use of the email address and password assigned to the Customer are proof of use.
L121 - 16: The provisions of this subsection shall apply to any sale of a service concluded without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, between a consumer and a professional who use for the conclusion of the contract with exclusively one or more techniques of distance communication.
L121 - 20: The consumer has a period of seven days to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or to pay penalties. The consumer may waive this deadline if it could not be moved simultaneously and where he would need to call for an immediate and necessary living conditions delivery. In this case, he can continue to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to give reasons or pay penalties.
The period mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall start from the acceptance of the offer for services.
If the information provided for in Article L 121-19 has not been provided, the period for exercising the right of withdrawal is extended to three months. 
However, when the provision of such information occurs within three months of receipt of goods or the acceptance of the offer, it runs for the seven-day period mentioned in the first paragraph.
When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a bank holiday or non working day, it is extended until the next business day.
Article L 121 - 20 - 1: When the right of withdrawal is exercised, the trader shall reimburse the consumer for the total amount paid as soon as possible and no later than thirty days after the date on which the right was exercised. In addition, the amount due is, has the right to bear interest at the legal rate. This reimbursement shall be made by any means of payment. On the professional's proposal, the consumer exercising his right of withdrawal may, however, opt for another method of reimbursement
L121 - 20-2: The right of withdrawal can’t be exercised, except if the parties agree otherwise, for contracts:
1 From the provision of services in which the performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the end of the period of seven days.

Article 22: Termination

The User and / or Customer may terminate his account at any time by giving notice to terminate by sending an email to or by sending a letter with offcial reception for Allorank.
Regardless of the closure of its account by the Customer, the Customer shall not be entitled to any refund or repayment, the amount paid by him being invested at the W3B company the day of payment.

Article 23: Severability

The invalidity, unenforceability or deemed unwritten character of one or more clauses of the contract does not invalidate the entirety of these.

Article 24: Complaint

Any complaints should be directed to the technical assistance W3B exclusively at the office or by email:

Article 25: Applicable Law

Users and / or customers, and the W3B company agree to submit the interpretation and execution of this contract in French law, for both formal rules for the substantive rules, except the rules conflict of laws and the Vienna Convention on the international Sale of Goods.
Unless otherwise provided by law, any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or performance of this Agreement subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Romans which expressly confers jurisdiction, notwithstanding multiple defendants or collateral calls, even for emergency procedures or protective Referee or by request.

Article 26: Use of Data

The Allorank  tool collects data for marketing purposes. These data can be used to improve and develop the tool. The data collected will not be used to identify visitors personally on the site without the separate authorization of the parties separately.
Under Article L 121 - 20 - 5: direct marketing by email is allowed if the recipient information was collected from him in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 computers, files and freedoms, on the occasion of a sale or a service, if the direct marketing for similar products or services provided by the same person or entity, and if the recipient is offered, expressly and unambiguous, the opportunity to object, free of charge, except those related to the transmission of this refusal, and simple to use contact information when they are collected and whenever an e-mail survey is sent to him in case he did not initially refuse such use.

Article 27: Cookies

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on previous visits to our Web site. You can disable cookies by Google by accessing the deactivation page of Google advertising.