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Foolproof Features

A relevant dashboard

he positioning tracking gives you the specifics positions of your site in search engine results, according to the refresh rate selected. So, you can view all your data for each of your keywords. Are they present in Google images, Google video, Google maps, Google news or Google shopping? You will see soon.

Your dashboard is modulated according to your information. You will find graphs that you can isolate according to periods in order to observe and compare the state of your SEO.

The rank monitoring

Follow the changes of your positionning in search engines. According to the trackage of your positions by Allorank, you may scrutinize your SEO campaigns. This will allow you you to adjust them quickly and maximise your efforts.

Competitors analysis

Monitoring competitors will give you the opportunity to achieve a competitive intelligence on the Web. Your tracking is completed by identifying market players of your sites. Follow the competition and refine your SEO.


With this innovative feature, you can follow the perception that people have about keywords you would have identified. The e-reputation allows you to monitor your digital one. Indeed, as soon as someone includes your keywords on the web, you will be notified. Social networks, blogs, links pointing to your site? Allorank detects!

The advantage for you is to create the exchange with netizens who speak your words and provide them with a clarification. You know they talk about something for which you are interested, you know where they talk about it, and you can give the nessary explanation.


Allorank carries ideas and suggests keywords. These suggestions are real support for your campaigns.