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How to use free Allorank ?

To use Allorank for free, you just have to go on the registration page with your personal datas and to choose the FREE pack.

How to create an account on Allorank

To create an account go to the registration form of Allorank . You just have to fill in the information on your profile.


How to choose my credit pack ?

Allorank is a customized monitoring tool positioning. It’s modulated according to your needs, thanks to a system of credits. To choose a credit pack, use the simulator loans depending on your needs: add your words and refresh them.
You can then choose the number of credits in line according to your needs.


How does the suggestion of keywords function ?

Depending on the different keywords informed on Allorank, the tool can suggest relevant keywords to your SEO. You can adjust the results by filtering the level of competition, number of searches / month, number of results...

Why using the competitive follow up ?

Competitive monitoring will give you a clear view of your positions relative to your competitors. By identifying what competitors are placed on the same keywords as yours, you can maximize your SEO efforts.

Can I receive Allorank’s notifications ?

This is a feature in development at Allorank, a little patience :)

How to save time with the export data?

Make your task easier and use the system of import / export of your keywords in different formats like PDF, CSV, text ...


Animation of your account

How to add keywords ?

It's very simple, on the Position tab, click "Add Tags" and let it guide you.

How to choose their refresh rate ?

The update of the refresh rate is very easy via the slider (horizontal bar) : You just have to  move the slider to change your frequency.
The refresh interval is from 5 times per month (once every 6 days) to 6 times daily (every 4 hours).


How to edit / delete keywords ?

Go on the track of your position, move the mouse on your key word to delete, then click the red cross().

How to change the refresh rate ?

Go on the track of your positioning, move the mouse on your keyword and click on the icon: a slider for the update appears.

How are my credits consumed ?

Your credits are consumed according to the number of requests made. For each update positioning, credit is used for your account. Some keywords do not need to be monitored every hour or even every day ... By modulating your refreshments, you can use very little credit.

An example?

You have 10 keywords, you want to track and update the following twice day ... The number of requests is 20 per day. So 20 x 7 (days per week) = 140 requests per week.
140 x 0.00543 (price first credit pack) = 0.76 € per week (an application is recognized as the price of a keyword)
However, if you have 10 keywords that you moderate and follow your updates as needed, the number of requests decreases significantly! 1 to 3 times per week updating the robot performs 30 requests per week.
30 x 0.00543 (price first credit pack) = € 0.163 per week (a query is recognized as the price of a keyword)

How to recharge my credit ?

In your "my account" you will find a summary of your offer, but also the ability to recharge your credits by purchasing a new pack. To do this, click on the "Add Credit" button at the top of the screen.

How do I change my credit consumption ?

At any time, you can change the way you monitor your positions. Indeed, changing the number of keywords and / or their frequency, you change your consumption. You can control your offer and invest more or less money in the areas that are most interesting to you. Monitoring is there for it ! The change will be reflected immediately.

How to pay my credit ?

You choose between credit card, and PayPal. Your data is completely protected and transactions are secure.

How long are my credits valid ?

Your credits are valid for 12 months from the time you purchase a credit pack.


Can I  follow advice in positioning ?

Guidance is available in the sections of the newsletter and blog.

How to contact Allorank ?

You didn’t find your answer? Contact the Allorank Team, please go to the contact page.

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