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SERP tracker tool : Completely free Google keyword rank checking and monitoring

Allorank is a revolutionary, free-of-charge keyword rank checker that not only allows you to see up to date Google performance in real time for your domain and keywords. It also allows you to monitor your performance day after day and build up a long term picture about how effective your keywords really are.

To make your visit to Allorank as useful as possible, the tool visits different Google datacentres located all over the world and then returns an average position. If the SERP checker detects that there has been a recent change, this is also displayed on screen.

For the Google rank checker, it could not be easier to get this valuable information relating to your website. Type your website URL into the 'domain' box and then enter any keywords that you want to be informed about. The next stage is to select the Google domain that you want to research and there are currently 21 different regions and languages to choose from. If you have a multinational website or business, this feature is essential when you need the bigger picture about different global markets.

For your convenience, recent searches and keyword terms are stored within Allorank so you can easily access them at any time.

What really makes Allorank stand out from its competitors is the ability to continuously