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About Allorank

Allorank, the beginnings

The adventure began in 2010 with an online tool available to all. It allowed to achieve a very short track of its position in search engines.

The evolution of the tool

Winner in attendance Allorank was increasingly questioned about the possibility to grow the solution so that it can meet the beginners as well as experts in SEO.

It is from there, by listening Allorankers, we have developed this device to offer a customized follow-up.

Allorank was developed by web marketing passionated. Working for conscientious customers to see their websites in the top results of search engines, they created their own tracking solution. (In order to analyze the efforts of a SEO campaign.)

Through Allorank tool, the positions of your sites are followed by the keywords that you select. You can then, with the personalized dashboard analyze the positioning of your keywords on the search engines and thus deduce whether your SEO campaigns are sufficient.

October 2013

Launch of the Pro version of Allorank: As well as monitoring, Allorank offers competitive intelligence, keyword suggestions, e-reputation, and more. Allorank becomes a true SEO personal assistant.

allorank 2013
allorank seo

December 2012

December 2012 Allorank breaks the 10,000 user barrier.

March 2012

One year after its launch, Allorank breaks the 3,000 user barrier.

January 2012

The tool evolves to offer monitored tracking of different keywords on different websites. The tool tracks the websites of over 500 users.

allorank seo
first logo allorank 2011 seo

March, 17th 2011

In 2011, our communication agency developed a website ranking tool to monitor the SEO campaigns of our clients. We decided to go public with this tool and Allorank was born !